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Sustainable packaging solutions

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Do the right thing by your customers, and the planet.

Reasons to go sustainable

Better for humans and the planet

  • Environmentally sustainable packaging options are better for human health, necessary for the planet, and already available.
  • Compostable packaging creates a valuable resource, while reusable packaging enables a zero waste, circular system.

Better for business

  • Regulations on plastic packaging are coming.
  • Customers are increasingly opting out of dinner solutions that come with non- sustainable packaging.
  • Your product suits sustainable: you create a gourmet product, for eating or freezing within a few days.

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Two ways to a zero waste goalpost


Viable home-compostable options for ready meals already exist! Compostable means something that can break down naturally in under 12 weeks, to create nutrient-rich compost that helps plants thrive.

Compostable products are designed to compost WITH food waste, unlike recycling where food waste contaminates the recycling process. By switching

to certified home compostable packaging, your customers can dispose of their packaging in their home compost or in the green bin, and in councils where compostable packaging is accepted in FOGO. Even in instances where the packaging does end up in landfill, it has contributed to fewer greenhouse gases and used less non-renewable energy to produce.


Businesses with around 30 – 100 orders per week could consider this method. You could require a deposit from your customers for the containers. Many have discovered that deposits are not necessary

as all customers are in the habit of leaving their containers out on the delivery day.


  • Transport: Delivering quality meals requires more care, yes, but only requires diligence on behalf of the delivery person.
  • Freezer safe, leakage: Once in your customer’s hands it is freezer and fridge safe, and no toxic leaching like plastics.
  • Storage: If you don't have space to store packaging you may like to consider home- compostable Ziplock, stand-up pouches or vacuum sealable bags – perfect alternatives to their plastic cousins.

Blog JPG 2 PNG(7)-1A word on recyclable and biodegradable 


Everyone likes the word ‘recyclable’ but in reality, it’s rare that conventional food packaging can be recycled: the combination of card, plastic and food creates massive recycling challenges and most of it ends up being incinerated or in landfill. The other issue is that this packaging is also often made with nonrenewable resources like oil (plastic). If you are using foil containers, consider a label asking your customers to wash the container and recycle it. Foil can be recycled an infinite number of times if it is clean.


Biodegradable means something breaks down naturally… but when and how? If packaging says it is biodegradable it is sometimes manufactured with an additive that makes it ‘break down’ faster. In the case of biodegradable plastics this means that the container breaks down into smaller plastic particles which is even worse for environmental systems and those that rely on them (including us!).


Blog JPG 2 PNG(6)-1Still not convinced? We're here to help

Contact us and we can talk you through the ever- increasing range of options from a range of different companies and understand your specific needs. Our goal is for everyone using our platform to use sustainable packaging by the end of 2022.


Cookaborough has so much more to offer than our sustainable packaging solutions to food businesses. Get in touch with us to discover how we can help elevate your food business:



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