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Why batch is better for food businesses

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Small batch, super-powered. Introducing Clever Batch.


How to use Batch to make your business more efficient

What is the meaning of batch?

It’s important to distinguish between the two very different usages for ‘batch’ management in food businesses. The first more common usage of batch is a wholesale, large and commercial way to cook and the second is a condensed and optimised version of batch for smaller or micro businesses looking to be as efficient, productive and cost-effective as possible in their food preparation, offering and delivery. We like to call this ‘Clever Batch’ which for ready-made meals businesses, equals to small batch with super power - the most efficient and scalable of them all.

Being clever with your food business batch model is absolutely crucial to your business success. This is why when you are using batch - the method of creating similar or identical products at the same time in the production process and using the same equipment -  you are achieving a multitude of things. Reducing costs, eliminating food and resource waste are just the beginning of the benefits of batch.

Why the batch business model is best for food businesses

There are many advantages of batch processing when it is done correctly. A food business batch model allows you to:

  • Efficiently manage staffing: You’ll know exactly what your orders are each week so you can plan what staff are needed in your kitchen and when.
  • Save on food costs and eliminate waste: Ordering ingredients in bulk based on customer orders means you’ll only be paying for and using what you need.
  • Create a predictable rhythm for customers: Customers come to expect a regular weekly menu and swiftly develop a habit of ordering their meals at the same time each week.
  • Keep it local: One delivery run with local drop offs is much more efficient than in and out deliveries for always open menus and is a great way to connect with local customers.
  • Save time: Cooking in batches in a single session rather than over several days for always open orders means you’ll be able to plan time for other business activities.
  • Grow revenue: The method is highly suitable to growing consistent revenue at your pace.

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How Cookaborough uses the batch business model to help food businesses

The Cookaborough platform is designed for food businesses to use the batch business model to the best of its ability, in the most efficient way. Our platform is packed full of features that put all of the benefits of a batch right into the palm of your hands.

How Cookaborough uses batch:

  • Allows you to seamlessly connect and manage customer communications without losing any personal touches.
  • Allows you to schedule weekly menus that go direct to your customers.
  • Sends notifications to customers who have not ordered, prior to the close of the menu, reminding them to get their orders in.
  • Automatically calculates ingredient portions and costs for each meal and seamlessly manages customer orders, including payments.
  • Automatically generates shopping /stock lists by menu item and your preferred supplier.
  • Generates ingredient and nutrition labels (with automatically identified allergens) for your meals.
  • Generates pick & pack reports that make order management and fulfillment simple and error free.
  • Puts you in control of pick-up and delivery time slots.

How to do batch better

If you are making pre-prepared, home-cooked or take-home meals, artisan products or baked goods and want to sell directly to customers, our automated batch model takes care of all the complicated moving parts, without losing any connection with your customers.

For your customers, this model satisfies demand for a predictable weekly supply of home cooked style meals. For you, it allows for a highly efficient production model: you receive orders first, prepare, cook and only deliver at one point in time.

So, batch sounds great, right? Yes, but it’s typically a nightmare to manage - which is why Cookaborough is here to make it a piece of cake! 

There’s so much more to Cookaborough for food businesses than the amazing benefits of the clever batch business model. Access to our full suite of features and functions is accessible to all businesses, no matter how big or small with a low commission fee that helps you to manage and grow your business in the best way.


Want to discover how our Clever Batch model can work for your business? Enquire below!



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