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How to write a great 'About' us

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We know that you have a great story to tell and the About section of your Kitchen page is a perfect place for you to share it. Studies have shown that people are more likely to make a purchase, and tell their friends about it, when they feel they’re supporting a local business that they feel connected to. 

Sharing your story on your Kitchen page

The About section on your Kitchen page is the place to tell your story, and also explain the logistics of how your kitchen works, so that customers have all the information they need to place an order.


You can update your About section at anytime via Settings, simply: 

      1. Select the Settings page from the side navigation;
      2. Go to the Kitchen page tab;
      3. Scroll down to ‘About’; then
      4. Click the text box and start sharing your About story.


Tips for writing your About section

1. Share your founding story  - People will support your mission if they resonate with your story. Consider describing how your business began (i.e was there a particular moment or series of events that set your idea in motion?) To get started, imagine you’re telling this story to a new friend, and speak your words aloud. Try a few versions and write it down when you have something that feels true to you.

2. Share your passion - Why do you love doing what you do, what matters to you, and how does your business contribute positively to the world? Sprinkle some of your personality into your writing so people can feel who you are.

3. Describe your team and your suppliers - If you have a team, write about them. If you have personal relationships with your suppliers, mention them too!

4. Explain your offering - You could describe the types of food you make and what makes your meals a wonderful choice, share the reasons your customers love buying your food, and explain what types of dietaries you cater for.

5. Explain ‘how it works’ - New customers will often make purchasing decisions partly based on practical aspects such as your pick up and delivery times, service areas and menu opening / closing times, so this is all important information to include.

6. Special offer/s - Call out any ongoing promotions, such as first-time customer discounts or online only meal specials that could entice customers to place an order

7. Encourage people to connect with you - Build your network across platforms by including a call-to-action such as ‘Follow us on Instagram’. 

Cookaborough examples 

Your Kitchen page is all about you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t gain inspiration from others, especially when it comes to structure and design. 

Example 1 - Eastwood’s at Home

Kelly from Eastwood’s has shared key highlights of her food journey, and while she’s gone into enough detail to connect with customers, she’s kept her story brief. She’s also included a 'How it works' section, which is specific and easy to understand. Customers can see the logistics at a glance, and check that the schedule works for them.



Example 2 - For the Love of Food 

Ally from For the Love of Food takes a different approach by focusing first on how her kitchen works and then telling her story. This works well, too. Ally captures attention by writing a short description of her business and what her unique offer is: “simple, nutritious, seasonal with an emphasis on flavour”. She then delves quickly into 'How it works'. 

It’s clear which areas Ally’s business services, and the types of customers she can accommodate. Ally’s story and her approach to cooking appears further down the page, so the customer can read this after they’ve determined her logistics will work for them.



Example 3 - Meraki at Home

In this example, Jacquie from Meraki at Home leads with the practical points of how her kitchen works, and offers customers an incentive to sign up to her online menu by mentioning that it provides access to exclusive weekly specials not available in store.

In the section that follows, Jacquie shares her founding story but also uses this section as an opportunity to introduce the Meraki Kitchen team to customers as well as describe what is important to her and her team. 


Final tips

Put yourself out there

  • This is your business and it’s OK to be proud of what you’ve built - your customers will love it!

Make it easy to read

  • Chunk your text into short, easy-to-read sections. If you need to, you can use the FAQs for more specific and detailed information. Find our guide on writing FAQs here.

Keep it current

  • Remember to update your Kitchen page regularly, especially as your business changes or grows. Use the About section as an opportunity to celebrate highlights, achievements and customer quotes as you go along.

Need more help?

Online: Check out the Learn tab on the Cookaborough home page for more information.

Email: If you have further questions or need assistance, contact our team.



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