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Managing your Stripe account

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Have you started setting up and managing your Stripe account on Cookaborough? This short blog will give you the tools to get the most out of Stripe.

Stripe is the payment gateway used by Cookaborough to process payments, it is safe, fast and easy to use; as the world’s leading online payment gateway, it’s trusted and used by millions of businesses.

If you are a food business using Cookaborough you will be required to have your own Stripe account so that you can receive payments from your customers. Creating a Stripe account only takes a couple of minutes and is done via your Cookaborough dashboard.

Creating your Stripe Account

To create your Stripe account within Cookaborough go to Settings / Business Details and then scroll down until you see a button labelled Stripe Dashboard

Click the button, follow the instructions and your Stripe account will be created. You will need your bank account details to create your account, so be sure to have these close by.

Accessing your Stripe account

Any time you want to access your Stripe account you do it via your Cookaborough dashboard (Settings / Business Details / Stripe Dashboard)

Your Stripe dashboard is where you can go to view all transactions, your current account balance and expected payout.

Receiving payments from your Stripe account to your bank account

Stripe will automatically transfer funds from your Stripe account to your nominated bank account once per week, the default day for payments is every Friday.

Please note funds take 2 full business days to clear, so a payment received by your nominated bank account on Friday from your Stripe account will not include customer order payments made on Wednesday or Thursday.

Can I change the default payment day?

If you would like the default payment day to be something other than a Friday please let us know via and we will make the adjustment for you.

We suggest setting the payment day for 2 days after your weekly menu finishes to help with reconciliation and so the payment received by your bank account is equal to the sales made on your Cookaborough menu.

What happens with public holidays?

Public holidays will impact your payment. For example, if there is a Monday holiday and your payment day is Wednesday your payment won't include payments received for Saturday, Sunday or Monday, due to the requirement of 2 full days for funds to clear.

We can action a manual payment with Stripe if required so please let us know if there is an upcoming public holiday that will impact your payment.


For any questions relating to your Stripe account please get in contact via



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