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Cookaborough Pricing Explained

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Understand the different pricing available for using Cookaborough to manage your business.


Fair fees to suit any size of business.

Regardless of the size of your business, you have full access to the suite of platform features and benefits for a base fee of 8% (+GST) on each order placed, including transaction costs.
The base fee can differ depending on how you are using the platform. For example, if you are a baker, artisan or catering business the base fee is 6% (+GST). Please read on for different base fees.


Your fee includes our third party integrations that charge us for their specialised services. A few examples of these services are:

-    Stripe, our payment provider; a global payment system that we use to process all your customer payments. The fees charged by Stripe are approximately 1.9% of every transaction, this includes not only the fee charged on the transaction, but also monthly automatic account transfer fees plus a $0.7c per transaction fraud-detection fee.

-    Sendgrid who manage the sending of all emails and customer notifications.

-    Routific who we integrate with for a delivery routing tool.

-    AWS (Amazon Web Services) who provide the hosting services, security and technical support that Cookaborough is built on. AWS is the world's largest cloud provider and is used by companies such as AirBnB, Netflix and Coca Cola.


Base fees

The base fee can differ depending on how you are using the platform. Please read on to determine your base fee. To determine what exactly you will be charged to use Cookaborough, start with how you will be using the Platform and then determine whether any additions or discounts pertain to you depending on what kind of customers you tend to have.


Ready-made meals


This is what most businesses using Cookaborough are charged, encompassing the full suite of our functionality and our third-party specialist integrations mentioned above.




This rate is for businesses using the platform to offer Catering Menus. If you run both Catering and Ready Meals menus, this fee applies only to the Catering menus on your account. This rate is reduced because Catering Menus typically:

-   have higher order values, where a lower fee cost is therefore fairer.

-   are always-on, therefore not as costly for us to run as weekly menus that require Sendgrid fees.

-   do not rely on integrated features such as Routific, Labels, Recipe Storage and Nutrition Panels.


Baker (or specialty product food artisan)


This rate is applies to businesses offering specialty products such as Bakers, who tend also to have lower price points, menus open for longer periods of time, or menus only at specific times of the year. Other characteristics include 

-   multiple orders for lower cost items, where a lower fee cost is therefore fairer.

-  'always-on' menus, or only at specific times of the year, therefore not as costly for us to run as weekly menus that require Sendgrid fees.

-   not reliant on integrated features such as Routific, Labels and Nutrition Panels.


Additions and Discounts to all Base Fees

Sometimes the type of customer orders you have or how your customer chooses to pay can have an impact on your base fee.


NDIS and Home Care Package orders

These will incur an additional 2% + GST fee due to in-built functionality that enables these two segments to be serviced easily by local food businesses. We also provide specialised account management to help you connect with Care Providers and Plan Managers, which will result in you finding new long-term, high value customers who are ordering their meals via these government-funded programs. We continue to improve this category’s functionality and directory so Home Care Package recipients and their Care Managers can find and connect with local food businesses on Cookaborough.


Cash and Invoiced orders

2% +GST discount on the applicable fee. Cash customers are generally elderly customers not comfortable with online transactions and invoiced customers are typically aligned with corporate clients placing larger orders that need to be processed via finance teams. These orders are not processed by Stripe, who charge us 1.9% per transaction value, therefore we are able to waive this portion of our fee.


Find-A-Cook Customers

These customers will incur an additional 2% + GST on the applicable fee:  As we increase our investment in marketing and promoting the Find-A-Cook directory, we are placing a premium on the customers that connect to your business as a direct result of our marketing investments. This fee will come into effect Feb 1, 2024, and will be applied to Find-A-Cook customer orders in perpetuity. If you do not want to incur this additional commission you can turn off visibility in Find-a-Cook in your Settings. This will remove your business from appearing on this Find-A-Cook directory. When possible, we continue to promote food businesses using Cookaborough free of charge on our social channels.


Social Enterprise Businesses

If you are operating as a social enterprise, please get in touch to discuss discounted fees.

TIP # 1: OFF-SETTING FEES: You have the option to off-set your fees by adding a service fee to your customers' orders, which are subsequently paid for by your customers. Similar to credit card fees charged for various types of purchases in store and online, this option can assist you in off-setting fees.
the cost for each customer is negligible for them, whereas the cost for you across your whole customer base can make a big difference to your bottom line. You can opt to charge 0.5%, 1%, 1.5% or 2%.



Platform Off-set Pricing


ADD-ONs: Cookaborough currently provides our full suite of features and functions as part of the above explained fees with no exceptions, meaning that all functionality is covered in the fees.  These features include online payment, recipe storage, automatic labels and nutrition panels, customisable customer management, promotional tools, menu scheduling, costing, recipe cards, order slips and pick and pack options and more.


No hidden costs

No set-up fees

There are no fees to set up your business on Cookaborough. Our team will work with you to get your business up and running and you don’t pay a cent until you get an order.

No lock-in period

There are no lock-in contracts, you are free to stop using the platform at any time without incurring exit fees or. If you do decide to stop using the platform your data and customer details can be downloaded and taken with you.

We want you to thrive

Running a food business is hard work and margins tend to be thin. We are built specifically to be relevant for your type of business and to provide you with the features and functions you need to thrive. We are also nimble enough to respond to your ideas and requirements as they emerge. 



Need more help?

Online: Check out the 'Learn' tab on the Cookaborough home page for more tips, tricks and insights.

Email: If you have further questions or need assistance, contact our team.



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