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Cookaborough for NDIS participants

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Making it easy for NDIS participants to access healthy ready-made meals.

The NDIS guidelines allow certain participants the ability to access meal preparation as part of their funding. As the cost of the ingredients are ineligible, we allow for 70% of the cost of the meals in addition to the delivery fee to be claimed back.

There is a quick, one-off process that you need to go through to be approved, however once up and running there is nothing else involved.

How does it work?

If you are on a Plan-Managed account, our cooks only charge 30% of the meal cost upfront and then we do the administration and follow up with your Plan Manager, so you don’t need to do anything.

If you are on a Self-Managed account, our cooks will provide you with an NDIS approved invoice of which you then claim back 70% via your online Portal.

220819-COOKABOROUGH2926What is the process?

  1. Log in to Cookaborough If you haven’t set up an account, find a cook you would like to follow and sign up.
  2. Go to My Accounts
  3. Go to the NDIS and HCP section
  4. Select New Quote and fill in your details.
  5. If you selected the Plan-Managed option
    A. You, the cook and your Plan Manager will receive a copy of the quote.
    B. The Plan Manager then approves your quote or follows up any issues.
    C. Once approved, you can place an order.
  6. If you selected the Self-Managed option
    A. You and the cook will receive a copy of the quote.
    B. You are able to place an order.
    C. The required invoice template will be emailed when every order is placed.
    D. You are then able to claim back 70% of the cost of your meal and delivery fee via your online Portal.


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