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Onboarding with a Care Providers for Home Care Package (HCP) Meal Services

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How to become a meal service provider with an HCP Care Provider

Do I need to go through an onboarding process with Care Providers? 

Many Care Providers require meal service providers to go through a formal onboarding process to be able to service their HCP clients. Fortunately, this process is similar for a majority of HCP Care Providers. If you would like to service this HCP segment, we recommend that you prepare a document to share with the Care Providers with all the information that they might require.

What information do Care Providers generally require?

Care Providers are likely to ask for details about your business that assure them that you are a suitable and safe meal provider for their clients.

This is what we recommend you supply to Care Providers:

  • An introductory letter: We have developed this example letter to Care Providers which includes some of the information that they will need, as well as an explanation of how you work. We suggest customising this letter to suit your business
  • links to a recent menu or a PDF of a recent menu that showcases the nature of the meals you provide and your price point
  • Workers Compensation Policy

  • Public Liability Insurance Policy

  • Evidence of having completed Food Safety training

  • Your document proving Registration of your Food Premises

How to attract new Care Providers.

Why not be registered with more than one Care Provider? This resource may help you identify and approach new potential Care Providers.

Tip #1: Have your onboarding documents ready for when you are set up to offer meals
Tip #2: INVEST IN the relationship with your care provider by meeting in person, offering tastings and coupon codes for staff discounts


Let us know how you go

Please get in touch if you need help identifying Care Providers and to request the onboarding form mentioned above. Additionally, this guide is dedicated to ideas and suggestions we’ve seen work with great effect. We would love to hear what works for you and if you have your own ideas that have been proven to work for you and would like to share them. Our team at would love to hear from you.

And as always, if you need additional support, feel free to contact our team for help. 



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